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How to increase traffic or visitors is already a lot of blogs are given in various articles by the bloggers. Raising the number of visitors to a website or blog we can do with a variety of methods. From the various references I've read, these articles may be helpful for bloggers, and can be used as an ingredient in generating traffic to the blog. Here are tips from me, among other.

SEO Or Search Engine Optimazation - This for me is the main thing, because this method produces a natural search. A good position in search engines is one of the main sources of visitors, especially the position in the Google search engine. To understand SEO, friends - fellow bloggers to read and absorb knowledge that is in this blog post to another. Since learning SEO is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. I myself was also a beginner, but there is a desire to share about SEO. For example about keywords, backlinks, keyword density and so on.

Update Post - Making regular posts is very good, and berdarsarkan knowledge I can, google like this. Guest blog is also often looking for fresh content and new. But we can also make a post useful for humans, so that readers will feel they have benefited and will remember our blog, and eventually they will re-visit our blog.

Plant a backlink - Getting links from other bloggers is one way to increase traffic for our blog. In addition we can also create a dummy blog and create a link to our site. Included are also comments on other blogs.

Networking, Join the community and forum - Participating in forums can help to promote our blogs, for example, we make the anchor text that contains a link to our blog. So we will get the number of visitors from the forum.

List of blogs to the directory - Submit your blog to various directories, such as blogs top sites. For that we simply register and add a blog for free.

Advertising - If we have the funds to do so, can use Adwords to promote your blog. But they can also use the site free classifieds ads provider.

Join the SEO Contest - Sometimes when we are positioning seo article in a good position, then many other bloggers who are interested to visit, and also commented. From my experience seo contest Adira Best Vehicle Insurance Indonesia, such posts get many comments, but since most comments are the anchor text keywords that are contested, then I hide because of the position posting declining, because keyword density becomes irregular.

The above are some strategies that we can use to promote your blog becomes popular. so the number of visitors growing up. Hopefully useful and thank you for reading my post titled how to raise or increase traffic blog visitors.

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