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Seo Bing

Bing is one of the top search engines is discussed  and discussed this year. The search engine  made ​​by  microsoft  who replaced his elder brother, MSN search. Until now Bing has become one of the google a powerful competitor. Microsoft claims  that the  bing has a different concept from other search  engines.

Talking about SEO for Bing, bing If the fact that the concept is different, whether that means the concept of SEO optimization mate and skipper should do differently?

During this time, in doing search engine optimization (SEO), we tend to use google as a benchmark standard SERP position throughout the search engines. Because usually, if the position good SERP in google, then in Yahoo would be nice. But not necessarily for Bing. With Bing, we seem to be doing a different approach.

How seo techniques to bing?
The following will describe in the following points:

   Keyword (keyword) in the domain

      In google, even though your domain name differs 360 degrees with keywords that you aim at, never close the possibility to remain in first position in SERP. But instead of bing, key words contained in the domain address would be very, very determine your position on search pages.
   Domain Age

      Domains that have been outstanding will be easier at the top position compared to new domains.

   Backlinks (backlinks)

      Same with other search engines, backlinks remains a primary key.

   Anchor Text
      Never missed to use keywords as anchor text your hero.

   Page Title
      Keywords in the Page Title will greatly affect the position in the search results page bing.

   Internal Links
      In addition to counting the number of words in each post, Bing also uses an internal link to calculate the density of keywords (keyword density).

   Size of content

      The size of each page are also taken into account. Sebuat post with the number of words between 600 words will be easier to be in the top SERP.

There are many more tips which are factors position blog / your website in search engine Bing, but seo techniques for Bing the above is the most useful and most easily implemented. All the above tips are really very simple, and with this little technique you can bring in visitors that big. Interesting is not it?

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